Friday, April 4, 2014

A-B-C....easy as 1-2-3

What a fitting title as I went to see the Michael Jackson Immortal Cirque du Soleil tour this week.  It is definitely in the top 5 strangest/creepiest things I've ever experienced.  I don't know any other things of the top of my head that would go on that list, but there have to be some.
This reminds me of MySpace quizzes back in the day, but I need to burn some time so here we go! Thanks Amanda for finding a way to waste some time!

A-     Age: 25
B-      Birthday: July 9th, most people know because I’m OBSESSED with my birthday/week/month
C-      Color: Purple is my favorite in general. Cobalt blue is my favorite to wear.
D-     Drink: Water, Juice, and the occasional orange soda.  Mountain Dew Code Red on road trips
E-      Eyes: Brown, though once I was told they were yellow….very strange
F-      Flashback: My favorite Halloween costume ever, Mrs Frizzle and the Magic School Bus constructed by yours truly
G-     Google: I like to fact check people.  My phone history tells a different story, one of a fatty who only looks up restaurants and recipes- namely chocolate cake recipes. Oh, and a few crossfit box searches as well…..that’s redeeming, right?
H-     Hobby: Eating delicious things, cooking, playing with Folgers, doing crafts, and reading home design blogs
I-        Indulgence: Candy/ Cookies/ Cake/ Brownies, the Chocolate Lovin Spoon cake at McAlister’s is my new favorite thing.  Also, Hayes Barton Pharmacy has the worlds best cake HANDS DOWN.
J-       Job: Trading Analyst/ Scheduler- Energy, not sure how I ended up here but it’s been over 3 years somehow
K-      Kids: LOVE THEM.  I want to be able to field a team….not really but I would like a ‘lot’, like 4
L-       Loves: Stargazer Lilies, Hard Cider,  Sneakers, especially high tops, THINGS
M-   Music: 90s, Country, Old School rap, ah la .Ja Rule. I love you, I’m not ashamed. BEYONCE. All hail Queen Bey.
N-     Nickname: Care Bear
O-     One Wish: Boundless money. Then I could be a stay at home mom and open an antique shop
P-      Pets: Folgers Marie, aka LouLou. My darling baby. Go ahead and follow her on Instagram, LittleLouLou53, yes she has her own Insta because she is a BOSS.
Q-     Quote: “My thoughts are not like your thoughts.
    And your ways are not like my ways,”
announces the Lord.
 “The heavens are higher than the earth.
    And my ways are higher than your ways.
    My thoughts are higher than your thoughts.”  Isaiah 55:8-9
R-      Residence: Raleigh, although Charlotte will always have my heart
S-      Siblings: Brothers on both sides.
T-      Temperature: 78*, warm enough to play outside barefoot without pouring sweat
U-     University: NCSU. Go Pack!
V-     Vehicle: 2011 Hyundai Elantra. Upgrading in August!
W-   Worst Habit: Tied: ‘Doddling’ and Interrupting.  Everyone knows not to walk out of the door before me because I will inevitably get ‘lost’ somehow, no matter where I am.  I also just start talking when thoughts come into my head and just barge into whatever someone else is saying. RUDE CAROLINE!
X-      X-Rays: Have had a ton due to 2 jaw surgeries and lots of other fun dental procedures
Y-      Yuck: Needles (unless they are tattoo-ing me), Blood, anything bodily related and lots of words: ooze, moist, vein…I have to stop.
Z-      Zoo Animal: I really like the big cats. Lions, Tigers, Ocelots, all of those. So sweet.
Hoorah for a blog post on here. Might be a few months until the next :)

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Work in Progress...Bedroom Edition

2014 Bedroom

2014 Bedroom by cmcampbell2010 featuring a light bulb lamp

So this will be the end goal of the side of my bedroom.  I found the desk on Craigslist and got it for $90 delivered 1/2 way, which just happened to be in Mebane.  Matt came with me and was even nice enough to let me shop some!

So far I have:
- Desk
- Honeycomb Lamp Base
- White Drum Lamp Shade
- Nate Berkus Gold Sea Urchin
- Rifle Paper Co Je T'aime Card
- Skeleton Keys
- Skeleton Key Burlap Fabric
- Several Design Books
- Tan Fabric Cubbies
- TONS of Junk to hide in cubbies and baskets

Now, all I have to do is unload a dresser full of clothes I barely wear and find somewhere for it to go.

See Matt, Mom, Erica and everyone else who asked where my desk will go.
I have a plan!
....kind of

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Gold Rock Lamp, Come to Mama!!

  So, as I was browsing Instagram I came across a gold lamp.  It was so pretty, then gold sheen and perfect pentagonal sides called to me.  Honey and Fitz picture called to me, but also let me know that the lamp was from Land of Nod.  She had commented that the lamp wasn't available until February 2014, but heck...I don't actually have a purpose....or who cares! Off to the website I went!


          And then I saw the price.....$79 for just the base. A bit too much for me.


But it was just so pretty, I kept looking back at the picture she had posted and stalking her Insta and there it was! She had THREE brand new, glistening rock lamps!! But how I thought, they aren't available until February.  A few clicks back through her Instagram let me know that there is a Land of Nod OUTLET! And they had the lamps for wait for it.....$24.99! And a gracious commenter (@Averybird24) left the phone number.


Ring Ring!

Land Of Nod: Hello
Caroline: Hi, do you happen to have any gold lamp bases still  in stock?
Land of Nod: We actually do...and they are ten dollars because they have a bit of bubbling in the paint.
Ten Dollars. TEN Dollars. Ten DOLLARS. TEEEENNNNNNN DOLLARS. Ten measly dollars. These babies were going to be mine! Paint bubbles and all!
He then told me 3 people had called and placed orders in the last hour and asked where I heard about these, so good job @HoneyandFitz, you deserve a referral fee!
So for a mere $28.00 shipped I will have not one, but TWO gold rock lamps! I can not wait.....and don't worry Matt and Erica, I WILL find somewhere to put these....eventually.




Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Uh-oh, look what I found! Looks like someone is trying to give me a hint!!